quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2007

Na festa do avante (7)

Por entre chauvinismo, o anti-semitismo e o conservadorismo que pulula no Partido Comunista da Federação Russa, há (porque há sempre) alguém que leva o bolo. O General Albert Makashov (já por duas vezes referido), é o felizardo.
Apanhei aqui a tradução de um artigo desse "senhor", escrito para o Nº 42 da Zavtra, a 20 de Outubro de 1998. Para melhor construírem uma ideia do que é a Zavtra, basta saberem que esta publicação também recebe escritos de Alexander Barkashov, líder da extrema-direita.
Aqui fica um excerto com as melhores cenas:

Usurers of Russia

"Who is to blame? The executive branch, the bankers, and the mass media are to blame. Usury, deceit, corruption, and thievery are flourishing in the country. That is why I call the reformers, yids.
Who are these Jews? In English they are called Jews, in French - Juif, and in Yiddish - yid.
Yid is not a nationality, yid is a profession. Balzac's Gobsek is a Juif, the Gogolian skinflint Plyuskhin is a yid. These images have become a permanent part of world literature. Whoever reads Pushkin, Dostoyevskiy, Gogol, or Shevchenko knows no other word to designate the ravager, the bloodsucker feeding on the misfortunes of other people. They drink the blood of the indigenous peoples of the state; they are destroying industry and agriculture.
They are destroying the Russian army and navy and its strategic nuclear forces. They accept the population's money to be kept in the banks and then give it away, leaving nothing for funerals, for rent, or for old age. Having taken over television, radio, and the press, they do not give a damn about the history and culture of the country that nurtured them, saved them from the furnaces and gas chambers of fascism, and took responsibility for educating them.
They grabbed whatever they could, and today they own 60 percent of Russia's capital. The concepts "Zionist" and "yid" are inseparable. The intelligentsia say "Zionist" but the people use Pushkin's word: yid. The concepts of Zionism and fascism are inseparable, and when they scare people with Russian fascism, it is the same as when a thief shouts: "Stop that thief!"
In all the synagogues, the heders and yeshivas, the Center for the Study of Judaism, the Jewish University imeni Maymonid, in the teachings of the rabbis and the Jewish teachings they read the Torah and the Talmud and speak about the superiority of "God's chosen" Jewish people over all the others, including Russian. And nobody from the Ministry of Justice threatens them.


It is a good thing that during that time of friendship with Germany they
(os respectivos progenitores) did not call me Adolph. (N.R. Se soubessem o que sabem hoje...)


When I see what the cosmopolitans are doing with my Motherland - Russia (the Soviet Union) - it makes my blood boil! The little devils "got me" with their threats in connection with the events of October 1993. I said that even after I died I would take at least a dozen yids with me to the great beyond. An eye for an eye!
We have figured out who is to blame. Now, what shall we do about it?"

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