quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2007

Na festa do avante (5)

"The palpable influence of the Jewish Diaspora on the outlook, culture and ideology of the western world is growing not daily, but literally by the hour. The Jewish Diaspora, which traditionally controlled the financial life of Europe, has become - through the development of its own market - the owner of the controlling stocks of all economic systems of Western civilization. The goals of “chosen-ness,” a predestination for world leadership and exclusivity, are so much a part of the religious dogma of the Jews that they have begun to exert a profound influence over the Western consciousness. Their messianic arrogance is sending its roots ever deeper and showing itself in ever more powerful forms. (...) Slav civilization represented by the Russian Empire that became the last opponent of Western hegemonism" G. A. Zyuganov

Os protocolos dos sábios de Sião reescritos por Zyuganov, no seu livro "Veriu V Rossiiu" (I believe in Russia).

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